3 Ways Your Phone Is Tracking You


We are never alone, even when we are physically isolated. As cell phone users our every move is being watched, although not everyone is aware of this. There may not be someone on the other end actually looking at you, but your mobile device is collecting data on you every second that it’s powered on.


Here are 3 ways your phone is tracking you:


1. Location

3 Ways Your Phone Is Tracking You

If you check your phone’s settings, you’ll see a tab specifically for location services. Websites and applications use this data to tell you where the nearest store is, give you directions, and tailor advertisements to items and retailers in your vicinity.


2. Passwords

3 Ways Your Phone Is Tracking You

Every site makes you use a different password. Sometimes you need only letters and numbers, sometimes a special character or symbol is required, and oftentimes if you have used a password before, the site will not let you use it again. Who can keep track? Our phones can. And they do. Ensure your passwords are varied to prevent unethical site owners from gaining access to your other personal data.


3. Apps

3 Ways Your Phone Is Tracking You

Even the most harmless mobile applications are saving your data. Sometimes it’s for your own benefit, such as the Fitbit app keeping track of your breathing rate, heart rate, and general exercise data. Sometimes it’s to keep track of the statistics of their user base. Unfortunately, your information, such as your email address or phone number, is often sold to other companies, which is a major source of email spam.


So what do we do?

A majority of the reasons why your phone is keeping tabs on you are beneficial, which is why there isn’t more outrage over this topic. Sometimes, though, this information can be used maliciously. Protect your phone and your mobile data from attackers that target you based on their collected data using an antivirus program. Most antivirus computer software also comes in a mobile app version, so check out these antivirus software reviews to determine if any of their functionalities works for your device.


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