6 Safety Tips For The Tech-Savvy Traveler


Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you’re probably going to have to (or want to) bring your electronic devices along. Chances are, you only have one of each device and are worried about potentially losing it and all the data kept inside.


To ease your worries, follow these 6 safety tips for the tech-savvy traveler:


1. Use VPNs

Using a secure network like a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will keep your data and all internet traffic encrypted for your eyes only. It essentially hides your device’s true IP address so no one will be able to track or steal your personal information.


2. Security software

6 Safety Tips For The Tech-Savvy Traveler

There are programs you can download to your device that will protect it from all kinds of external threats, including a helpful wifi protection feature that determines if a network is safe for you to access. Since the average traveller uses mostly public networks at cafés, parks, and transportation hubs, this is a great way to ensure you are not entering a wifi trap that is run by a malicious hacker looking to steal your data. Read reviews of security software before purchasing to ensure it promotes this feature and any others that may be of assistance during (and after) your travels.


3. Back it up

When you take your devices with you to any location other than the safe nest of your home, you run the risk of theft. If that were to happen, would you have another copy of your precious data, files, photos, videos, and games? If the answer is no, you need to take action immediately. Look into a program like DDI utilities for your mobile device or read reviews of Acronis True Image for a data recovery program compatible with your PC or Mac.


4. Trackers

Any device these days has the ability to turn on the location services. By having this system enabled, coupled with a cell phone tracking app that will monitor the location of your device and even remotely access the camera should your phone be stolen or lost, you can easily retrieve your data and find out where the thief is hiding your device!


5. Loss protection and insurance

6 Safety Tips For The Tech-Savvy Traveler

One of the greatest assets a frequent traveler can obtain is travel insurance. These programs protect your wallet against cancellations, lost or stolen luggage and personal items, and even medical issues. Without it, you may find yourself stuck with a hefty bill and no way to pay it.


6. Take advantage of apps

There are several apps that can help you plan your travel and stay on track. Flight trackers, itinerary planners, and destination podcasts are just a few of the interesting features of the best travel apps out there. Use them to help you find quality coffee spots, interact with locals, and inform you of potential transportation delays.


The safest travelers are the smartest travelers. Keep your technology and all your data safe while you’re on the road, in the air, or underground by practicing these tips. You can thank us later.


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