9 Types Of Malware That May Put Your Data At Risk


When trusting your devices with important data and files, you never expect that something will happen to them. The sad truth is that every day, all over the world people are experiencing malware attacks that threaten the security of their computers, cell phones, and tablets (and the precious data they contain). There are many more types of malware than most people realize, so it’s important to be informed in order to protect your devices.


Here are 9 types of malware that may put your computer data at risk:


1. Virus

This is the most widely-known type of malware, which is what reviews of antivirus software tend to target. However, not everyone knows exactly what a virus entails. A virus is a code that is attached to a piece of software. It’s easily spread and replicates itself just like a human virus, contracted by file or software sharing (often via email).


2. Trojan

Trojans are the most dangerous type of malware, because their end goal is to steal your financial information by taking control of your device. In a larger system, this can result in a denial-of-service attack, meaning the system itself is down to users. This is a huge threat to businesses.


3. Spyware

9 Types of Malware That May Put Your Data At Risk

One of the more obvious malwares is the spyware, since it does exactly what its title suggests. It spies on your computer activities and logs them in order to target you, usually with advertisements.


4. Keylogger

A keylogger records everything you type in order to collect your username and password data. This is often one of the first steps in hacking a specific user because it does not require guesswork or backdoor methods to get into your private information.


5. Ransomware

9 Types of Malware That May Put Your Data At Risk

When your computer is infected with ransomware, you will be unable to access your computer or the data within. It holds your device hostage and typically will request that you pay the hacker money to regain control.


6. Adware

Adware targets advertisements at you that are unwarranted. This is usually done by first using spyware to see which ads will be most effective for the hacker to use against you.


7. False security

Not all security softwares are made equal. In fact, some of them may be fake and designed to infect your computer instead of clean it up and keep you safe. To be certain your program is reputable, make sure to look up security software reviews for products that are in good standing and proven to work well, like Norton Security Deluxe or Bullguard Internet Security.  


8. Worm

9 Types of Malware That May Put Your Data At Risk

Worms are aptly named, since they are programs that will duplicate themselves and then proceed to “eat” away at your data and computer programs. They won’t stop until your drive is completely empty and you have lost all your data.


9. Backdoor

Backdoors are malware programs that create a weakness in your computer security to allow for other types of malware or hackers themselves to gain access to your system.

Now that you know all about the different kinds of malware, you can choose a security or antivirus software that works for you to protect yourself. If you suspect you may already have been the target of a malware attack, check out our related post: 6 Symptoms Of An Infected Computer