The Importance Of Updating Your Phone Software: Why You Need To Regularly Update Your Apple or Android Device

A recent study on mobile device threats shows that 98% of Android users and more than 35% of iOS users do not update their phones to the latest available software version as frequently as they should.


Are you one of those people? If so, then you are compromising the health of your phone and the safety of your valuable data and information!


Here is why you need to regularly update your Apple or Android phone software:


The #1 reason to update is SECURITY.


With every software update comes change(s) that will improve the performance of your product by fixing minor issues that have been found and deemed possibly penetrable by threats. Hackers thrive off their ability to enter any system weaknesses in an effort to take advantage of the data and information they can receive from it.


The Importance Of Updating Your Phone Software- Why You Need To Regularly Update Your Apple or Android Device | Digital Security World
This woman sending a text message to somebody via her iPhone may not be safe is she’s sending an iMessage on an outdated software!


For example, this Refinery29 article shares how “researchers discovered a flaw in Apple’s encryption scheme” which leaves iMessage senders vulnerable to attackers. By not updating your phone as regularly as the software is updated, you are ultimately risking the security of your device even by sending a text to somebody.


How do you solve this issue? Turn on automatic updates for your apps. Install an antivirus software that will protect your phone. Stay up to date on viruses, scams, and other digital threats that are currently circulating the web by reading news articles and blogs. Whether you receive that annoying notification telling you that a new version of your iOS software is available for update or you receive a popup that indicates there’s an Instagram or Facebook update solely with “improvements or bug fixes,” don’t wait — update!


Stay safe out there on your phones, and be sure to come back to Digital Security World for more cybersecurity news and tips soon.


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