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Works on all Androids and iPhones (Including iPhone X). Remote access using the OTA (over-the-air) link. Keylogger gets keystrokes entered on phone. See posted messages on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp. Great technology for the money. Much better than mSpy, Spyzie and many other copycat apps.

Guaranteed to work, or your money back!

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Highster Mobile - iPhone


THE GOOD – Works very well on both Android phones and iPhones. It collected all text messages on tested devices. Was even able to collect deleted texts and other content as well. The Keylogger feature is the best we have tested, capturing all keystrokes taking place on the phone even after we deleted our entries. Captured usernames and passwords to accounts accessed on the phone. Very strong at grabbing Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp messages.

THE BAD – No Geo-Fencing for parents to see if their kids have gone past a certain area of focus.

THE BOTTOM LINE – It’s affordable, while giving you all the power, performance, and speed you need. With No Monthly Fees and a $69 price tag, you can’t go wrong.


Highster Mobile iPhone Spy

Highster Mobile is my top choice for spying on iPhones and iPads. Their No-Jailbreak Solution makes it super easy to monitor and track an Apple device. While other companies offer a similar product, I found that Highster is the best.

You won’t be locked out! As you may have heard, just about every iPhone Spy Software on the market has experienced lock-outs when using no-jailbreak systems to access iCloud accounts. The engineers at Highster have somehow found a way to avoid this from happening. I installed their system to monitor two iPhones (iPhone 8 and iPhone X), and neither got locked out of their respective accounts. As far as I know, Highster Mobile is the only one that does not get locked out.

With the ability to not be locked out, this makes the process of installing Highster Mobile and using is so much easier. No need to worry that the product will not work.

How It Works

The Highster Mobile iPhone Spy System works by accessing the iCloud account of the monitored device. iCloud is where every iPhone uploads and stores its phone data. Here’s the process for accessing that information:

    • Step 1 – Enter the Apple ID and password for the iCloud account of the iPhone you want to monitor. This is the same as the Apple ID and password used for the phone when accessing iTunes and other App Store apps.
    • Step 2 – Highster Mobile will take care of retrieving and uploading the phone data from the iCloud account to your Highster Mobile account.
    • Step 3 – Log into your Highster Mobile Dashboard on your own smartphone, tablet, or computer to view all of the available information.

Highster Mobile iPhone Spy Features

    • iMessages and Private Messages – You will see the exact message as it was displayed on the iPhone, along with the message contents. Private messages from Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, and other apps can be retrieved.
    • Calls – Records all call data for fast and easy examination.
    • GPS Tracking – A complete history of the device’s location displayed on a Google Map.
    • Email – See all the contents of every email sent and received including date, time, and to whom the email was sent or received from.
    • Social Media Monitoring–  Facebook posts and IMs. Also, activities on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and all other popular platforms.
    • iPhone Keylogger: View all keystrokes that occur on the iPhone whether on App Store apps, online accounts, Safari, and more.
    • Safari – Review all of the websites visited and searches conducted on Safari Web Browser.
    • Photos & Videos – View all photos and videos taken and received on the target iPhone.

Highster Mobile Works On These Apple devices:

    • Supported Apple Devices: iPhone X (all), iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 plus, 6, 6 plus, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C. iPad, iPad mini.
    • Supported iOS: All iOS versions are currently supported.
    • Works in all countries with all carriers.