Hidden Key Voice Recorder

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  • Looks like an ordinary Key FOB
  • Sleek compact design
  • Playback Audio Files Directly From The Device
  • Audio Format: MP3
  • Audio Quality: 68 Kbps
  • Recording Capacity: 120 hours (8GB)
  • Storage: External Up To 32GB
  • Battery Life: Stand By Time
  • Battery Type: Polymer
  • Battery Voltage: 3.7v
  • Battery Capacity: 120 mAh
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable
  • Battery Location: Inside the unit
  • Weight: ½ oz
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Looking for a voice recorder that can be hidden in plain sight, has great clarity, and a long recording time? Then look no further because the OmniKCAudio is EXACTLY what you need! This voice recorder can pick up sound up to 65 feet away!

Voice Activated and Continuous mode- Easily decide which mode you need to record in: Voice Activated or Continuous.

External Memory- This unit comes with an 8GB MicroSD card (which will hold 120 hours of audio recordings) but it can reach the capacity of a 32GB MicroSd card. Best part? The MicroSD card slot is hidden too!

Long Battery Life- This unit has 10 hours of continuous recording or a 50 hour standby mode.

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