Omnitrack Real-Time GPS Tracking...

$399.99 $349.99

  • Stores Tracking Data For Full Year
  • Automated Phone And Email Alerts
  • Customize Reports Based On Tracking Data
  • Real-Time Tracking (Requires Internet Access)
  • Fully Integrated With Google Maps & Google Earth
  • Rechargeable Battery /w 2 Week Battery Life
  • Access Tracking Data From Your Own Home
  • Setup Alerts Based On Geofencing
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Omnitrack Real-Time GPS Tracking Device

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track a particular person or vehicle, then the Omnitrack might be the perfect GPS tracker for you. This low-key device offers both reliable, accurate tracking, while also giving you updates in real-time. Even better, you can remotely access that tracking information from the comfort of your own home. No need to even remove the tracker and connect it to a computer or smart device. Instead, you can leave the device in it’s hidden location while you continue to track and monitor any updates over the internet.

One of the best features about this device are the customization options that come with it. For example, you can setup custom geo-fencing alerts, that either text or email you when the device arrives at a particular location, or moves into a certain area. This can be a powerful tool in many situations. Perhaps you want to make sure your newly licensed teenage driver is not taking the car too far from the house. Or maybe you want to make sure your significant other is really “working late.” Regardless of the situation, the Omnitrack GPS Tracking Device is one of the best ways to keep tabs on someone without them knowing.

The device itself is also inconspicuous, weighing roughly 2oz and being only 2 inches in length. This allows the device to easily slip into a purse, gym bag, or briefcase without anyone noticing. You can even attach the device underneath any vehicle with it’s magnetic case. Once the Omnitrack is in place, tracking it’s movement and location can easily be done from any internet connected device. Simply access the SpyTec website to begin tracking the device’s whereabouts. By default, you’ll be able to see up to a years worth of tracking information, set up geo-fence alerts, and create custom reports based on the device’s data history.

Regardless of where the Omnitrack may end up, you can be sure that the advanced GPS satellites that record and capture the device’s location will be watching. And with a battery life of up to 2 weeks, you won’t have to risk exposing it’s hiding place to continuously charge the device. So if you’re looking for a high quality GPS Tracker with advanced features such as geo-fencing, custom reports, and real-time location updates, look no further than the Omnitrack.


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