The PhoneSpector app is more than just your regular phone spy app mainly because it’s constantly being innovated and updated. It greatly leverages the newest and most advanced technologies to provide modern solutions and to deliver promised results and target device information. Through the PhoneSpector dashboard, users can easily view social media messages, texts, installation apps, browser history, keylogger history, and more! This spy software is an essential tool for parents, employers, and phone owners!

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phonespector cell phone monitoring app


The PhoneSpector app is more than just your regular phone spy app mainly because it’s constantly being innovated and updated. It greatly leverages the newest and most advanced technologies to provide modern solutions and to deliver promised results and target device information. So, whether you’re a parent worrying about your child’s safety online, an employer concerned about how work hours and company-issued devices are utilized, or a regular mobile phone user who’s looking for ways to recover corrupted or missing files, this tool is perfect for you. 

With PhoneSpector, you get to achieve hassle-free tracking and efficient monitoring without the need to pay ridiculously expensive monthly fees.


  • 45-second download and installation process.
  • Advanced monitoring features, granting remote access.
  • Accurate and real-time GPS tracking .
  • Reliable data backup tools.
  • Efficient file recovery capabilities.
  • Automated and streamlined data recording strength.
  • Simultaneous data extractions and data uploads.
  • Modern and advanced features (keyloggers, third-party app monitoring, and app/site blocking).
  • Accessible and user-friendly web-based control panel dashboard.
  • Compatible with the latest iOS and Android devices.
  • One-time payment with no recurring fees; 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Great customer service available 24/7.


  • No free trial packages are offered.
  • Unable to recover iPhone Viber messages.


If you’re looking for an affordable spy software that’s true to its promises of providing efficient and reliable monitoring, then PhoneSpector could be the app that best suits your needs and preferences. This all-in-one tool utilizes a modern technology approach to be able to function at optimum performance, offering modern and advanced solutions and providing complete and accurate outputs. Despite how complex the programming codes and algorithms are used, the PhoneSpector app is extremely easy to operate and navigate, requiring minimal to no user input.


PhoneSpector – What Is It and What Does It Offer?

Convenience, accessibility, assurance, peace of mind – you can reap these, and certainly much more when you opt for PhoneSpector to spy on a cell phone and/or backup phone data.

PhoneSpector is a cell phone spy app utilizing modern technologies to help parents protect their kids from cyber threats and to help employers regulate the use of company-issued devices. Ultimately, the goal of this monitoring software is to ensure the safety and security of the device, data, and user. 

Aside from advanced monitoring and tracking tools, PhoneSpector boasts a robust collection of parental controls and security settings. Hence, it’s more than just your regular spy software that merely extracts information from the target device. It’s an all-in-one powerful tool – from spying user activities to protecting monitored phones to backing up important data to restoring inaccessible files. 

As also claimed by most PhoneSpector reviewers/testers and active users, this spy software is true to its promises of providing seamless and hassle-free monitoring. Thanks to its intuitive and innovative programming and its sleek and straightforward control panel dashboard, anyone – even less tech-savvy users – gets to enjoy the modern solutions and highly advanced functionalities offered. 

Moreover, PhoneSpetor is accessible and handy as it’s compatible with any phone provider and network carrier across the globe. It’s designed to work well with almost all iOS and Android devices. So, whether you’re a parent or guardian of a minor, an employer (with consent from your employees), or a regular phone user who wishes to be on top of their personal device security, PhoeSpector is the perfect app. Regardless of how you wish to utilize it – as a tracking program, parenting tool, monitoring software, file management app, external cloud storage – here are some of the most sought-after features expected to receive when installing PhoeSpector.

  • SMS/MMS Messages, Emails, and IM Chat Conversations

Keeps copies of sent, received, and deleted or archived messages exactly as how they appear on the built-in SMS messaging app, email providers, and instant messaging platforms. 

  • Phone Contacts and Phone Call Logs

Records saved contacts including caller IDs, phone numbers, and other contact information. Records incoming and outgoing phone call logs, including caller information, timestamps, and call durations.

  • GPS Tracking and Geo-Fencing

Captures GPS coordinates within 50ft from the actual locations. Sets alerts triggered when the target user arrives or leaves a certain area.

  • Social Media and Web Browser Activities

Monitors activities, engagements, and interactions on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Keeps copies of searched keywords, visited URLs, and accessed web pages on the device’s browser.

  • Calendar, Alarms, and Notes

Shows input data on any stock app or utility tool, including those details saved on the calendar, alarms, and notes. 

  • Remote Access/Control

Allows users to remotely monitor, access, and control the target device utilizing a web-based dashboard. From this online control panel, users can remotely lock/unlock the phone, activate the microphone, or capture photos from the device’s camera.

  • Keylogger 

Records keywords and keystrokes from the phone’s keypad regardless of where these are typed in – text messages, social media posts, or login credentials.


Software Installation and Dashboard Navigation

PhoneSpector is one of the very few cell phone monitoring apps that are tirelessly innovating and exploring new more advanced ways of remotely extracting, transmitting, and processing data. Then even if this powerful tool utilizes cutting-edge technologies, it requires minimal to no user input to function properly as programmed. 

The software developers of PhoneSpector have managed to automate and streamline all processes involved. In fact, users won’t be needing any other high-end equipment or any special technical skill to operate this program. Despite the complexity of the codes and algorithms utilized for this exquisite spy app, it’s extremely easy to use – from installation to navigation. 

The PhoneSpector monitoring software works by establishing a virtual connection during the installation process. The said connection links the device being monitored and the software’s remote server which will be utilized to safely and securely transmit data and commands. Again, the complexity of PhoneSpector’s programming shouldn’t matter as these don’t manifest on their user-friendly control panel dashboard.

Before you start, be sure to validate if the iOS or Android device you wish to monitor is supported. For any device, you must gain physical access for at least less than a minute to complete the installation of PhoneSpector. Then, of course, you have to see to it you have access to a stable internet connection for an interrupted installation and navigation. The other things you’ll be needing are an active email address, an internet-enabled device (for navigation), and payment for the one-time fee.

Above all, you must agree to the software’s policy that PhoneSpector must only be utilized for legal and lawful purposes. While the app is accessible and handy, PhoneSpector advises its users to utilize the app at their own discretion and that they will not be held liable for any data loss, device compromise, or user threat.

Once you’ve met the requirements, you’re good to go in enjoying the benefits and advantages of this exquisitely programmed spy app. 

  • Purchase & Download

Select the plan you think would best cater to your needs and preferences. Subscribe by providing your personal and payment information and wait for the confirmation email. Locate and click on the download or login link from the said email on the device to be monitored. 

  • Activate & Set Up

After downloading, you still have to activate the software for it to function as programmed. To do this, you’ll be asked to input a unique license key which will be emailed separately for security purposes. You may then start setting up and customizing the software and dashboard.

  • Access and View

Once everything’s set up, log into the control panel dashboard using any internet-enabled device. By simply logging in, you may now remotely access the device, view the data, and send commands.


Compatibility and Pricing

PhoneSpector mobile spy software supports all phone providers and network carriers. This cell phone tracking app is designed to be compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices, including the newest models and the most recent OS versions. 

  • PhoneSpector for Android

Phones and tablets running on Android OS 3 – Honeycomb to Android 11 are supported. It’s compatible with Samsung, Motorola, Google, LG, HTC, Huawei, and all other Android smartphones.

  • PhoneSpector for iOS

iPhones and iPads running on iOS 7 and up are supported. It’s compatible with iPhone models 5 to 13.

Aside from being an accessible app and efficient tool, PhoneSpector is affordable making it an ideal and practical device monitoring software. Its advanced features, modern solutions, exquisite processes, and comprehensive outputs make up for its overall efficiency and reliability, providing great value for your money.

Depending on your needs or the preferred level of monitoring, you may choose any from the two available packages – the Basic or the Pro plan. You won’t have to worry much though as both package deals comprise the essential tools needed for efficient monitoring, access to a personal control panel, 24/7 customer support, unlimited device change, and more.


The only difference is the number of included tools. The Pro plan enables users to do more in-depth and intricate spying through its wider array of inclusive features.

  • Basic Package – one-time payment of $29.99
  • Pro Package – one-time payment of $69.99