PUAroom Water Bottle /w 1080p HD Hidden Camera


  • Real Water Bottle /w Hidden Camera
  • Records In Full HD 1080p
  • Multiple Video Recording Options
  • Fully Rechargeable Battery
  • 30 Frames Per Second
  • Date/Time Stamped Data
  • 3 Hour Battery Life
  • Additional Bottle Labels

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PUAroom Water Bottle /w 1080p HD Hidden Camera

Are you looking for a high quality nanny cam that no one would ever suspect is recording them? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This fully functioning water bottle also contains a powerful 1080p HD hidden camera, giving you the option to take your surveillance on the go. It’s also manufactured by the PUAroom company, a company which specializes in producing high quality spying equipment.

Aside from the impossible to notice hidden camera, this hi-tech water bottles comes standard with a variety of useful features. That includes two recording modes that can be easily set depending on your unique situation. The default recording mode is motion activated. Which means the hidden camera inside the water bottle will remain in battery saving mode until movement has been detected. This is a great option as it ensures the devices 3 hour battery life is being used effectively.

Alternatively, you could activate the continuous recording mode. This can be particularly useful if you’re taking the device on the go. But if 3 hours worth of battery life isn’t long enough, you could also directly plug in your device into any outlet to keep it powered on at all times. This is perhaps the best option if you want to record a specific spot for a long period of time. There’s also room for a 64GB SD card, which can hold weeks worth of HD recorded video. So you’ll never have to worry about collecting too much information.

To view your recordings, simply remove the SD card from the device and plug it into any PC or laptop. Once you’re done viewing the recordings, you can easily transfer the files to your computer. This will help free up space on your SD card so you can continue recording without worrying about hitting the data limit.

So if you’re looking for a spy camera that can adapt to any situation you may find yourself in, there’s no better option than the PUAroom Hidden Camera Water Bottle.