SleuthGear Transmitter/Bug Detector


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A perfect bugged-device tracking unit for spies and law enforcement officials, the Pro-10 Multi Signal Bug Detector helps identify wireless eavesdropping transmitters. It can detect all GPS units and cellphone bugs including those that are Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled. The device can pick up signals up to a range of 40 feet, allowing it to locate bugging transmitters in no time. It also alerts you to wired telephone tapping, as well as deterring laser tapping and audio recordings with a white noise generator.

If you are concerned that you’re being watched or someone is listening in on your conversations, this bug detector can help you confirm or reject your suspicions as well as prevent the unwanted repercussions of unknown surveillance. Get peace of mind and stay secure from unwanted intrusion in your life with this powerful and extremely reliable radio frequency bug detector.

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