USB Flash Drive /w Hidden Camera


  • Real Working Flash Drive
  • Records 720p Video /w Sound
  • Motion Activated
  • Quick And Easy Setup
  • 2 Hours Worth Of Battery Life
  • Fully Rechargeable Battery
  • Works With Any PC

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Hidden Camera USB Flash Drive

There’s no better way to uncover what’s going on in your home or office while you’re not around than with this hidden camera USB flash drive. This inconspicuous device looks just like any ordinary flash drive. The only difference is this flash drive has a 720p hidden camera in it! You can even store files on the flash drive itself. So in case someone accesses your computer while the device is active, they’ll think it’s just a normal flash drive. Little do they know that everything they say or do is being recorded.

Setting up the hidden camera USB flash drive is easy to do as well, you don’t even need to plug it into your computer to activate it! Simply press the power button and the device will pick up any sound or motion that happens in the room. It’s also motion activated as well, so you don’t have to worry about any wasted battery life. You also have the option to take 2-megapixel pictures with the hidden camera as well. Though you will have to be holding the device in your hand to do so.

Whenever you want to check the recorded data on the device, simply plug it into any USB drive on your PC or laptop. All the information gathered will popup right at your finger tips, allowing you to playback or download each recorded file. All videos, pictures, and sound files will be date and time stamped, so you know exactly when each recording took place.

With this hidden camera USB flash drive, you won’t have to wonder what’s going on in your home or office any longer!