Zone Shield Hidden Camera Alarm Clock


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All of the video footage being recorded is captured in crisp & clear HD quality color. The Zone Shield Hidden Camera Alarm Clock allows you to see all the details in the room that you want to monitor. In addition, the camera lens shoots at an incredible 125° Field of View. At 125° you’ll be able to see most of your room, edge to edge without missing a thing. The footage is recorded in MP4 format using H.264 video compression with time/date stamped files for easy saving, emailing or playback on your PC or Mac computer.

No tech specialists will be needed to set up this camera, the installation process has never been easier. Using the free SG home app, simply connect to your device and you’re watching. Now you can instantly check in on your camera from anywhere in the world with live wifi viewing, and even save a snapshot picture directly on your mobile device. In addition, if you have multiple hidden cameras, you can easily see them all right from the app. As an added bonus, there are built-in alerts that will notify you when motion activated recording has occurred.

Included is a 32GB SD Card, that can record 32 ceaseless long stretches of video, naturally set to movement identification initiation, so you’ll never come up short on video memory since most movement only lasts a couple of minutes. Also, you’ll be able to “hot-swap” SD cards by effortlessly removing a filled up one, and replacing it with a new clear card. This way you’ll quickly be able to bring the footage back to your computer for review without ever missing important video.

All of the video and recorded video files have time and date stamped directly onto the video. This gives obvious evidence of precisely when the occasion happened.

Nothing complicated here. The hidden camera is ready-to-go out of the box with motion detection settings. Simply unpack, and plug into an outlet. You’re all set. Using the free app, you can connect to the SD card remotely to watch all the video that was recorded to it. You also have the option to remove the SD card, pop into your computer, and watch the video. Easily save the video files to your computer for unlimited archiving.