Slack Could Be Hurting Your Productivity

Hurting Your Productivity

In my office we use Slack as our interoffice communication, like many other offices around the country. We started using it as a way to increase our productivity and team communication. Instead of having constant meetings or running back and forth to talk to certain people all of that communication could be done in one centralized online location. And at first it worked out great. But now I am finding it incredibly difficult to get work done because my notifications are going off all day long. All this after the Yanny vs. Laurel debate too. 


hurting your productivity
Is This Hurting Your Productivity?

Even when I change my settings to show that I’m unavailable, the messages still come. They are always there just waiting for me to read them. If I try to turn it off for an hour or two, when I come back there are dozens of messages to sort through. Some of which have nothing to do with me.


Online Communication

I think that the easy accessibility we have to each other makes us less productive. In a meeting there is an agenda and a structure so we can talk about specific things. When I’m not using my cell phone spy app. But on Slack and other instant messaging platforms, it’s too easy for conversations to drift on endlessly. Private messages become long conversations that have very little to do with any thing work related. This is a huge time waster. I think I got more done when all communication was face to face. 

How can you reclaim your productive time from constant instant message intrusions? The best way I’ve found is to totally sign out of instant messaging. Of course, that means that people can’t reach me. They can leave me a message, send me an email, or come to my desk if they need something. But no one has ever come to my desk since I started reclaiming my time. Not one person needed my attention so badly they actually crossed the office to get it. 


hurting your productivity
Office Setup

Instant Messaging

If you find that instant messaging is bringing down your productivity, try signing out of your instant messaging. And don’t leave your email inbox open for a few hours each day. That gives you some quiet mental space so that you can focus on getting things accomplished. Giving myself just a few hours of interruption free time made a huge difference in my productivity. It can make a difference in yours too. Multitasking isn’t always the best and most productive use of your time. Especially since your boss is likely monitoring your productivity.